Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th. Year Week!!!

Well i hope you all had a great pioneer day! been reading dads books and it has made me think a little bit more about the sacrifice that our 43 ancestors made for us to get to the salt lake valley. be thankful for what you have!
so this week has been eventufull.. i didnt get changed neither did my companion. i have mixed feelings about it. but we will see how things work out really. im having a great time out here and getting along with the members more as the days go by. we have this one family who takes us in when ever and they feed us. they have a little cute girl who were good friends, and always is asking her mom when im coming over.. funny stuff... this week not a whole lot happend. ellections are going on here. so everyone is all in a uproar for that. here is a little diffrent. there are 8 political parties all going for the spot of president. weird but yeah. they bribe people like no other like go around giving food out and t-shirts and what not. i guess if it works then ya do it.
had the oportunity yesterday to go out on divisions with a member to get to know more of the members in the other area. was a good expirence and we had a good lesson. i enjoyed after talking to him about his mission and how people are. we have come to realize the more dissobedient missionaries tend to baptize more.. interesting stuff. not saying im going to pull a 180 and change or anything but was interesting.
were on the hunt out here for more people to teach. everyday were learning new ways to contact people. for example random house... ''comp give me a random name!, ummm rodrigo. we then follow with knocking on the door and asking if they know anyone with the name we give eachother then start small talk with them. eventually tie it in to the gospel and what were doing a long way from our houses. its really funny to see what people do and how they react. we gave a name and a person actually knew some one by that name... uhhhh. yeah was aquard.
so other than that nothing really is going on here. im enjoying this time i have here in this area. love my mission! we have interviews with president this week and that should be cool to see him. i havnt seen him in about a month now..
year mark this week. thats cool. i talked members into making me something for that day. i think a cake or something. but i have to make a cake for the sister for her birthday on the 5th. so we will see what goes down. im afraid for this next year. i hear time goes by faster your second year... this year went by super fast... and now its going to be faster. i gotta get my rear in gear and work harder. ill have time to rest when i get home...
thanks for the letters and emails!! i love you guys!

Elder Ryan Crockett

July 18th

well this week was a good week. we are finding many people to teach. many positive things are happening out here. so lets start off... 

termites in the house.... thousands of them randomly one morning decided to come in to our house for a snack. it was gross... does my comp want to tell our landlord.. no... they havnt come back yet. so we will see. if my comp has a change im going to speak with him.but yeah.

yesterday church was alright. i was following with my duties of rounding up the kids for primary and such. its really hard work and they do what ever the freak they want. church here is really different. kids run like wild animals. 

my ´´calling´´ primary. i sit in and make sure things are going smoothly and such. this one kid was punching me and kicking me and laying on my lap... it was ANNOYING and i almost got to the point of snapping but held back. other than that church was alright it was good for the most part.

so yesterday also we got to a members house . when we got there she got a call.. apparently we walked past a body in three black trash bags... umm yeah this area is fairly safe for that matter. umm yeah i feel safe here. 

also this week it rained big time.... we stayed at our lunch appointment for 3 hours because the streets have 6 inches of watter... sucked walking home. but we eventually made it home in a pause of the rain.

so also in this week is changes i find out that if i have the opportuninty to have changes or not. its a little scarry but im alright if i stay. im planning on it really. things here are great and wouldnt like to leave this area. although there is someone i would like to have a change... my comp. hes been a little difficult to live with for the past 3 weeks. everything good with us but there are always the little things that eat me up... dirty dishes for instance.

today im making rice crispy treats for some members so that will be a little happiness for today. im also playing soccer with the little kids today. so that should be fun. i have cleats so it was a great success. 2 goals! haha. 

looking forward to this next week though. were working hard. and going to keep up the pace really!

well thats my week in a nutshell...  i love you guys send me a box! candy!! i want candy peanutbutter peanutbutter M&MS!!!! or the PRETZLE M&MS go for it friends and family
Elder Ryan Crockett

July 11th

well things were alright this week... things are going alright here. i got nothing from anyone this week!! whats the deal fam.. have to much fun on the 4th to tell me whats going on?? thanks family!
well this week we had a baptism!! yay progressing in the mission... our investigator, Vilma, has been going to church for the last 2 months and hadnt have the desire to get baptised.... well i came into the area and bam here we are 3 weeks after i get into this area.. baptism. but for now we are going and searching for more chosen souls!...
i was chosen to teach my favorite class... primary.. the freaking kids are worse then in the states! sucked. i scolded them for going to buy food from a tienda. or store... it was a good expirence but will they change their minds... no.. and there still little brats... so what else happend...
we had an activity this week. we had a paca gratis... we got not refernces and such... it tanked this week... but thats whats up.. win some and loose some!! 
so yesterday we had a bomb lesson with this teenager that we re activated!!! this kid is really getting into the church and is preparing to go on a mission. he wants to bring in his friends to the church! so were hoping for that too! more progression... well that was my week not much happend.. that was it.
well hope all is well going on at home! i love and miss you guys...
oh and just to ONE UP EVERYONE!! i READ one of dads books yeah....

Elder Ryan Crockett

July 4th

well this week was really just a normal week. sorry nothing really good went down. we had a bat enter our house. and at 1030 my comp came in right as i was falling asleep and said hey there is a bat. so i killed it with a broom and swept it out before going to bed. never herd a latino scream like a little girl before. ha ha...

after that the day after another time of hearing him scream like a little girl. we were leaving the capilla. church, and an iguana fell off the roof. and our branch president. a heavier guy, ran after it. well we caught it tapped the mouth shut and then he took it home. free lunch. and mana from god. what a blessing!! well it was a good time out here.

this week we possibly have the oportunity to baptize an investigator! im hoping for it! so we will see on sunday. hope everything goes through... sorry for this weeks eamil... sucks...
today we played sports and had brown dowgs for breakfast out here in honnor of the 4 of july! we sang o beautiful and the national anthem. the latinos thought we were crazy! but its what ever really. things out here are alright im enjoying life. question. how many boxes should i be getting i got another one with the insouls and candy which is a blessing from above!! is there a 3rd? that would be cool if yeah and if not im good. you can always send over some more stuff like BLUEBERRY MUFFIN MIXES! or stuff like that. candy and what not!

well have a great 4 of july!


June 27th part 2

well the power did go out here... but i had just enough time in my generator box to send off the first email.

so as i said not to much happend this week... im half way through the change wow how fast does time go out here. im at 11 months now tormorrow. (not counting down) and things are going good. me and my comp have been finding familys this last week we contacted about 4 familys boosting our stats up! were hoping to have a little bit of success with that this month of july.

so i hear summer is starting up there and that all is going well... i was sick for a day but things are looking out for me here! so our house is infront of a mom and pop resturant. or here they say comedor. so every day what to i eat??? STEAK! dont know if its the best thing for me to be eating but its delicious!! im not gaining weight. maybe i need the protien out here. but its awesome! 

hmmmm not alot more happened or that i can think of to write. sorry for a lame week. this week were travling for a 2 zone conference. so that should be sum what cool. i love hearing from my mission president! hes a really cool guy! well thats all for now love ya guys 

be sure to email me this week!!

Elder Crockett

June 27th part 1

well this week not to much happend... im  kinda lame out here in the mission and not have a who lot to tell this week....  our power just went out so this may be a 2part email this week to get something out before im out of power.

so story for the week. yesterday we had district conferance (like stake conference) at had an area 70 come!Elder Martino. hes from texas. it was really cool what he talked about. first about baptism, how christ is at the door at times and we need to let him in to our lives. then he talked about NOE. what does that stand for noe is noah in spanish but also

N- noche de hogar  or family home evening 

O- Orar  family prayers 

E- Escrituras or Scriptures 

and Diezmo or tithing but that doesnt work with this acronym... ha ha 

with these three things we can strengthen our family and live a better life. he also touched basis on missionary work! how every member is a missionary and its our duty to share our happiness or gospel with others. really was a great talk wish you could of herd it.surely opened my eyes to more things on life and such!

well ill gotta go write more later

June 20th

well... this week was a little more eventfull than the last week. what happend here. welll we started off with a tri-zone confrence where our mission president gave us constructive critsism. it was cool i guess. just like those Jeffery R holland mtc talks. he came out with a new and improved one ha ha... but yeah. things are great here... 
after this confernce i had the oportunity to go on divisions with another elder. there we committed 2 people to baptism! was great. 
so i did end up getting a package here. i got dads books!!  yeah i know dads books what excitement... no you dont really know untill you start reading them. way to go dad with writing them. there are a few missionaries our here jealous about my dad. they say he runs 100 milers write books... what more does he do? haha but im about 100 pages into it. lets just say after my mission i want to go back to the church sites and see what i have been reading about.
so the story of the week.... 
we headed out to go talk to our investigators and were walking down this road about 2 miles if not more. and finally get to their house. there we talk and teach a little bit about the plan of salvation and all that jargon. cool stuff... well on the way back we get a ride from a pastor. he invited us into the truck and pretty much bashed us. telling us our religion is (a bad word) and that were of the devil. i asked him a question that he couldnt answer.. where did you get your authority? couldnt answer that question. BAM! i know where i got mine.. but thats not the story.
so the road we walked down 10 minutes after we passed or walked on this road a drive by happend. 3 people got capped.! wow imagine if we were running 10 minutes late. this big white blinding glare of a person (ME) would be a prime target. well lets just say im not going back there... scary stuff... 
yesterday we herd even more gun shots. i make sure before i leave to say a prayer of saftey here... ha ha 

well thats the week in a nut shell... today nothing much is going down. going to buy food. and sleep some more... thats about it. a agentine elder is making us food tonight at a members so that should be fun!! yay

welll have a good one i love you all keep sending me goodies. 
send me some candy! 
elder crockett